Barcelona Bizarra

Before describing the adventure that took place last night when I went out with my friends, I’d like to present the idea behind the mini (very mini)-series on my YouTube channel: “Barcelona Bizarra”.

Barcelona is a fashionable city whose leaders are ceaselessly selling it to the world as a sophisticated, cultured destination… and, in my opinion, a sanitized, posh, and boring one. Therefore I decided to pay homage to the darker side of Barcelona: the dirty, often perverse underbelly and all the shady characters that go along with it: “Barcelona Bizarra”.

‘Cause let’s face it: Barcelona Bizarra is what gives the city its special flavor. It’s what saves it from falling victim to the rapid Disneyfication that’s ruining the personality of so many wonderful cities worldwide. It’s what helps to maintain that special spark that the corporate, money-grubbing powers are bent on extinguishing.

I spent four unforgettable years living in New York City, and ever since, no matter where I lived, I’ve always felt like a New Yorker. During those four years at the end of the ’90s, I worked on my nascent comedy career in the alternative spaces on the Lower East Side, and I had the good fortune (and the sadness) of catching that freaky, genius and unique New York just as it was breathing its last years of life. My life took place in the Alphabet City and the East Village that was still home to artists, addicts, crazies, and an assortment of other undesirables, before it was washed away by millionaire bankers.

Those were the most exciting, happy and difficult years of my life. Of course I miss them.

But I love Barcelona. And though it’s a very different city than New York, it has its little corners, its personalities and its moments, that remind me of New York. Al final, parafraseando Billy Joel en one of his best songs, New York, although the New York I knew and loved has ceased to exist physically, is a state of mind.

New York is everywhere. New York continues to exist, in one form or another, throughout the world.

I will always fight for the bizarre, for fun and originality over sterility, uniformity and corporatism. Olé Barcelona. Olé Barcelona Bizarra!

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