Photo: Naria Caamaño

Born: Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Lived there till age 17.

University: Antioch College, Yellow Springs, Ohio. I got a degree, not sure for what.

Post-university: Austin, Texas. Began stand-up comedy. Lived there four years.

1996: Moved to NYC to pursue stand-up comedy career.

2000: Moved to L.A. to pursue stand-up comedy career.

September 11, 2001: Four passenger planes hijacked, 3000+ people killed. My country’s latent insanity is unleashed on its own citizens and on the rest of the world, disguised as a justifiable response to 9-11. The creeping, decades-long slide into fascism becomes vertiginous.

2004: After a brief visit, I move to Barcelona, Spain. I continue my stand-up comedy career, but in Spanish. I stop performing in English altogether.

2004-2017: Life is good. I am able to live off my art and I have space and time to create, as well as heal myself so I am less of an asshole to others. (This, however, is an ongoing process.) What helps me to heal is the fact that I live within a sane, kindly, compassionate culture that believes that health care, good food, and leisure time are basic human rights. I pay 60€ a month for a private insurance plan in which I can visit as many doctors as I need, and receive as many tests as necessary, without having to wait months for care or pay even 1€ extra in copayments. I learn the local language of Catalan and watch my native country, and the family I no longer speak to, self-destruct from afar.

I feel no joy in what I see. I go down to the street, watch the old people chatting for hours on park benches, and thank my lucky stars that I got the hell out.