Paris Terror Attacks

This is the world we live in now: I was having a beer with a friend last night. He got up and left the table for a minute. Naturally, being a creature of these times, I took out my phone and checked Facebook. “Ben __ checked in as safe at Paris Terror Attacks”. WTF?? Facebook now has several pages, events

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The Speed of Time

I was at a bar with my friend M., a retired NYPD cop who’s fled America just as I have. We were conversing with the bartender, an older man who’s worked at that same bar since he was 15. He talked about how he’s worked there for 50 years and how close he was to the owners; they were like family.

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Cabaret DiU (Divergència i Unicorns)

Rachel Arieff presents an alternative variety show, funny and ballsy, promoting the non-official culture of Barcelona. Expect various special guests to offer a wide range of entertainment — varios invitados que ofrecerán una gama de entretenimiento — entre ellos, cabaret, stand-up, poetry, and interviews with people who are not necessarily famous but are without a doubt fascinating. The goal: to go outside the box

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