“Escape to Barcelona” Radio Show

ESCAPE TO BARCELONA is a live radio show in English, hosted by Rachel Arieff on Barcelona City FM. It’s replaced the earlier program HOW TO BE HAPPY ALL THE TIME, which Rachel co-hosted with compatriot and renowned photographer Glenn Amico, in winter of 2016. When Rachel’s lucky, Glenn will return to co-host this new program with her.

About the Hostess

Rachel is a writer and comedian who emigrated from the U.S. to Barcelona, where she’s lived happily since 2004.

What Is “Escape to Barcelona” About?

Is it possible to escape from a life of dysfunction by changing one’s environment… or is it simply a fantasy? Is it even worse: a cop-out? An act of cowardice? “Escape to Barcelona” tackles these questions, touching on issues such as family and cultural abuse, recovery, quality of life, politics, and culture. Though these are serious subjects, Rachel’s tone alternates between serious, funny, and irreverent as she shares her reflections, talks live with listeners, reads their mail, and shares her own experiences.  

When and How Can I Listen to “Escape to Barcelona”?

The show is broadcast live on Mondays, from 9 to 11pm Central European Time (6 hours ahead of New York Time), on Barcelona City FM. If you miss it the live broadcast, you can find the podcasts on the abovementioned website, as well as this page and Rachel’s Mixcloud page

Let us hear from you! Send us your escape story, or just your response to the show.

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