A Comic Is Born: Readings by Rachel Arieff

A COMIC IS BORN is an hour of readings, Wednesdays in March at 8pm, at La Llibreria de la Lluna in the Raval. There, Rachel Arieff shares the difficulties she experienced growing up in a dysfunctional family that led her to first become a comedian, and eventually leave her country for the colourful and unusual life she enjoys today.
This evening’s reading will be held in English. (Rachel will alternate evenings between English and Spanish; the language of each event will be clearly announced in the event.)
ATTENTION: THE PLACE IS TINY. ONLY 14 SEATS! THEREFORE, TICKETS MUST BE RESERVED IN ADVANCE, either by phone – 93 252 70 24 – or by email: llibreriadelalluna@gmail.com
Since the bookstore closes at 9pm, the reading will begin promptly at 8pm. Please be punctual, Barnaf*ckers! 🙂
Rachel Arieff came to Barcelona in 2004 from Hollywood, where she was pursuing a career as a stand-up comedian. Since then she has continued to work as a comic, cabaret artist, composer, writer, and creator of emblematic shows such as Anti-Karaoke, “Planeta Catalunya”, “Flamenguiri perdía”, and “Coñólogos”. She has embraced her life in Barcelona and currently is studying Catalan and flamenco. Together with Glenn Amico, she co-hosts an English-language radio show on Barcelona City FM called “How to Be Happy All the Time”. She is also working on a new play to debut in the Fall, if she doesn’t die in the process.
A Comic Is Born: Readings by Rachel Arieff
Wednesdays in March from 8-9 pm
Admission: 5€
La Llibreria de la Lluna, c/ Ferlandina, 32c – Barcelona