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I Attended Every Facebook Event that I Could During One Week Pol Rodellar April 20, 2016 “I caught a taxi (yes, a taxi) and got off in the city center. At a nearby bookstore, Rachel Arieff was reading some autobiographical stories she herself had written and will soon edit into a book. I went inside; the reading had already begun.

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Readings in la Llibreria de la Lluna


Every Wednesday from 8 to 9 pm in March and April 2016, I’ll be reading autobiographical stories which I’m now in the process of editing for publication. I’ll be alternating readings between Spanish and English languages. Reading Schedule: April 6, 2016  Cómo se jodió todo – readings in Spanish April 13, 2016  How It All Fell Apart – readings in English April 20, 2016   ¿De dónde eres?  –

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The Speed of Time

I was at a bar with my friend M., a retired NYPD cop who’s fled America just as I have. We were conversing with the bartender, an older man who’s worked at that same bar since he was 15. He talked about how he’s worked there for 50 years and how close he was to the owners; they were like family.

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Rachel Arieff: Interview in El Periódico

Rachel Arieff: “The Vatican and the powerful are always material for ridicule.” A timely and acerbic view of the world according to the comedian, pianist and ‘underground’ cabaret artist. See PDF OLGA MERINO Monday, June 23, 2014 Photo: Joan Puig A North American born in Milwaukee, what she refers to «the deep midwest». Biting and irreverent, Rachel Arieff has two unique shows: Anti-Karaoke (Sidecar) and Coñólogos (Gipsy Lou). -My grandmother was Norwegian,

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