Flamenguiri Perdía

Recommended by Time Out Barcelona

This isn’t flamenco. This isn’t flamenco fusion. It’s flamenguiri.

The American comedian/cabaret artist Rachel Arieff has fallen down the flamenco rabbit-hole. After a year of obsessively listening to and learning the basics of this unique and captivating music, she began to compose her own flamenco songs… without really having any idea of what the hell she was doing.

Since then she’s endeavored to improve her knowledge by formally studying flamenco piano and singing. Still, however, it would be a great sacrilege to label her artistic efforts as “flamenco”.

This one-woman show, in which she both sings and plays the piano, is a demonstration of just that: a series of original and naïve songs that Rachel composed, according to what she understood to be flamenco at the time. And what resulted is some kind of flamenco freak, deformed by the music of her homeland: que le ha salido es una clase de flamenco deformado por la música de su tierra natal: blues, boogie-woogie, “standards”, and rock. What’s more, all this is filtered through her charming but irreverent sense of humor.

In other words, giving birth to a new genre: “flamenguiri”.

Much of the material in this show is based on songs from her upcoming “flamenguiri” album, “Doorman of fury and honey”: love songs serenading the working-class men of the Raval neighborhood. Enjoy pearls such as “Latero” (“Beer-Vending Man”), “Chatarrero” (“Junk-Collection Man”), “Chatarrero bajo coste” (“Low-Cost Junk-Collection Man”), “Florero” (“Rose-Seller”), and “Butanero” (“Butane-Vending Man”). Other songs draw on real-life events, such as the titular song, “Flamenguiri perdía” (“Lost Flamenco Yankee”), or “Pervertido en la playa nudista” (“Pervert on the Nude Beach”).

It matters little if you’re a fan of flamenco or not. This show is for those who enjoy the delightful and gutsy nature of Rachel Arieff’s work, including her other shows Planeta Catalunya/Planeta España, Coñólogos, or Anti-Karaoke. Flamenguiri perdía promises to be a must-see feature of Barcelona nightlife.

Important: this show is only offered in Spanish. (Sorry!)

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