Sweet Pie, the Nude Pianist

Happy Holidays, everybody. I like Christmas and all that, but this year, I’m finding it depressing. Who’s with me? If you are, I hope today’s blog picks you up. And if it doesn’t… well, then you’re really fucked up and should get yourself to a shrink ASAP. I can only do so much, ya know.

So here’s the story: I just happened to Google “nudist pianist” — ’cause that’s how I roll on Christmas Day — and this is who I came across: a 60-something boogie-woogie piano player named “Sweet Pie”. According to the article I read on him, he lives in Arizona now but traveled up and down the East Coast of the U.S.A. in his youth (in the ´70s, of course), steadfastly nude — or at least as nude as he was allowed to be — in his performances.

This man is a real American icon!  A great piano player and a charming, charismatic performer. And adorable to boot. Sweet Pie has got it all!

Wish Sweet Pie would do a European tour. He could sleep on my couch.