Time Out Barcelona

Time Out Rachel Arieff (PDF)

2 Time Out Rachel Arieff-page-001Rachel Arieff, North American comedian, swapped success in the clubs of New York for that of the Raval. Always underground-style.

She discovered her freaky side this way: at 14, as a member of the gymnastics team, she had to wear a leotard.  She preferred, however, to wear men’s underwear that she’d tie-dyed herself. Everyone laughed at her. “From that moment on, I expressed myself however I felt.”

In college, bulimia cut short her political science studies. Volunteering in shelters for Central American refugees changed her perspective. “These people had nothing. My problems disappeared overnight.”

Vino a Barcelona huyendo de una escena de comedia “estandardizada, donde mandaban el hombre blanco”. Para ella, “freak” es un sinónimo de “la diversidad, de la vida real, de ser tú misma”.