Vice Spain


I Attended Every Facebook Event that I Could During One Week

Pol Rodellar
April 20, 2016

“I caught a taxi (yes, a taxi) and got off in the city center. At a nearby bookstore, Rachel Arieff was reading some autobiographical stories she herself had written and will soon edit into a book. I went inside; the reading had already begun. I climbed some stairs that led to a loft, where a group of 12 people were sitting. I sat down and was fascinated by the stories, a compendium of truly raw experiences that contrasted completely with the image we can have of Rachel.
I suppose that this is one of the good things that can come out of all this crap. With just the silly trick of forcing ourselves to attend [Facebook] events, we end up discovering authentic gems. I never would have discovered that in this bookstore there was a loft where people did readings, nor that Rachel wrote these kinds of stories. Thank you, Internet.”